We are researching a system which can assist human to diagnoze.
Currently, main development is focusing on orthopaedic area.

All the project can be roughly categorized into three groups (i.e., Motion, Force, and Profile).

Motion Group
This group mainly makes a system measures a human motion by using opt-track or electromagnetic sensors.

Motion.gif(356780 byte)
Fig. 1 Motion measurement system with electromagnetic sensor.

Force Group
This group mainly makes a system measures a force that human feels in daily life or diagnozing process by using strain gauge or pressurep-sensitive rubber.

Force.gif(183836 byte)
Fig. 2 Force measurement system with force-sensitive conductive rubber.

Profile Group
This group mainly makes a system analyzes a profile (=shape) of a body parts by using medical imaging device.

Profile.gif(27357 byte)
Fig. 3 Profile anaylsis system with medical image.

Some projects include two or more techniques above. For example, a surgery training system requires motion measurement for tracking operator movement, force measurement for judgement of contact between a target and instrument, profile analysis for three dimensional display of the training.

At this moment, the projects mainly focus on researches in medical area. But, our laboratory does not limite only this. We will start next projects in other area.